How to add the Instagram widget.

New Instagram widget.

The latest Shella Shopify theme update, version 3.6.0, includes an updated block for the Instagram widget.

Now you do not need to add and configure the app at your Instagram account, generate the token. You can show the latest posts filtered by the account name or the hashtag.

Please note, filtering posts on Instagram by account name limits only for 12 posts.

If you want to filter by hashtags, the Shella theme will show posts from other accounts too. Not limited only to your account.

Add an Instagram widget

  • Go to Online store -> Themes -> Customize
  • Add the builder section. Sections -> Add section -> Select builder section.
  • Add Instagram. Go to the builder section -> Add content -> Instagram.
Add an Instagram widget to the builder section.

Configure the Instagram widget

GRID – Size

You may set the width for the Instagram widget. In the example, I set the width to 8/12 (66.6%) for the Instagram feed and added an image banner with the 4/12 width (33.3%). The numbers 8 and 4 are the number of columns. Total builder width has 12 columns, I set 8 columns for the Instagram feed and I set 4 columns for the banner image.

Size option example

The usual value for this option is 12, which is equal to the full width of the builder section.

SETTINGS – User name

Set your Instagram user name. Please note, the theme will get only 12 images.


Set hashtag to select posts for your Instagram widget.

SETTINGS – Show post details

Show the number of likes and comments on mouse hover.

SETTINGS – Disable paddings

Disable paddings between Instagram images.

SETTINGS – Items limit

Set the number of images to show in the widget.


Set the width for each image within the Instagram widget.

Set the width of each image

If you have more questions about theme settings, please create a new ticket at our support system.


Instagram legacy API shut down (updated).

Instagram feed changes

As of March 2nd, 2020, the Instagram legacy API will be shut down. If you have an Instagram widget at your store, you should replace it with an alternative. 

Please note:

These changes do not apply to the Instagram sales channel. The sales channel will work without changes.

API changes apply only for the Instagram feed added via Theme Editor.

Unfortunately, those changes will affect all Shopify themes with legacy API Instagram widgets, including the Shella Shopify theme.

In this way, we recommend you to update your store configuration.

Remove legacy Instagram widget

a) Go to Online store -> Themes -> Customize

b) Navigate to the Builder section with an Instagram block 

c) Remove the Instagram block.

Remove the legacy Instagram block

How to add an Instagram feed after March 2nd.

1/ Shopify app.

You may search for an Instagram app at the Shopify app store.

All Shopify apps should work with the Shella Shopify theme. If you have any questions about the app installation process or settings, please contact the app support. If the app support has questions about theme files they may contact us via email

2/ Use static images.

You may upload the same images using the Builder section and the “Instagram block”.

Add Instagram block per each static image

3/ Use the latest theme version (added)

Check this blog post for more details about how to configure the new Instagram widget.

Check this video manual on how to update your theme to the latest version. Please note theme update procedure works best for updates within one branch. If you update from 3.1.0 to 3.6.0.

If you need to update from branch 2.x to version 3.x I recommend uploading the latest theme version and configure it from scratch.

If you have more questions about Shella theme settings, please create a new ticket at our support system