Video & 3D models now supported by the Shella

Shella Shopify theme version 3.7 New product media support

On March 14 the Shopify release a new feature – Built-In 3D Models and Video product media. This awesome and most wanted feature by the Shopify store owner. You can read more details about it at the original blog post – Bring Product Pages to Life with Built-In Support for 3D Models and Video

On March 25 our team released the Shella theme update version 3.7 with support of a new feature. You can review it at the product demo page with a 3D model, YouTube, and self-hosted video.

New product media @ Shella Shopify theme

This feature affects only the product edit page at Shopify admin panel and doesn’t require additional theme configuration.

Request a new theme feature at MPIthemes Facebook page

View the demo store

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How to add the Instagram widget.

New Instagram widget.

The latest Shella Shopify theme update, version 3.6.0, includes an updated block for the Instagram widget.

Now you do not need to add and configure the app at your Instagram account, generate the token. You can show the latest posts filtered by the account name or the hashtag.

Please note, filtering posts on Instagram by account name limits only for 12 posts.

If you want to filter by hashtags, the Shella theme will show posts from other accounts too. Not limited only to your account.

Add an Instagram widget

  • Go to Online store -> Themes -> Customize
  • Add the builder section. Sections -> Add section -> Select builder section.
  • Add Instagram. Go to the builder section -> Add content -> Instagram.
Add an Instagram widget to the builder section.

Configure the Instagram widget

GRID – Size

You may set the width for the Instagram widget. In the example, I set the width to 8/12 (66.6%) for the Instagram feed and added an image banner with the 4/12 width (33.3%). The numbers 8 and 4 are the number of columns. Total builder width has 12 columns, I set 8 columns for the Instagram feed and I set 4 columns for the banner image.

Size option example

The usual value for this option is 12, which is equal to the full width of the builder section.

SETTINGS – User name

Set your Instagram user name. Please note, the theme will get only 12 images.


Set hashtag to select posts for your Instagram widget.

SETTINGS – Show post details

Show the number of likes and comments on mouse hover.

SETTINGS – Disable paddings

Disable paddings between Instagram images.

SETTINGS – Items limit

Set the number of images to show in the widget.


Set the width for each image within the Instagram widget.

Set the width of each image

If you have more questions about theme settings, please create a new ticket at our support system.


Instagram legacy API shut down (updated).

Instagram feed changes

As of March 2nd, 2020, the Instagram legacy API will be shut down. If you have an Instagram widget at your store, you should replace it with an alternative. 

Please note:

These changes do not apply to the Instagram sales channel. The sales channel will work without changes.

API changes apply only for the Instagram feed added via Theme Editor.

Unfortunately, those changes will affect all Shopify themes with legacy API Instagram widgets, including the Shella Shopify theme.

In this way, we recommend you to update your store configuration.

Remove legacy Instagram widget

a) Go to Online store -> Themes -> Customize

b) Navigate to the Builder section with an Instagram block 

c) Remove the Instagram block.

Remove the legacy Instagram block

How to add an Instagram feed after March 2nd.

1/ Shopify app.

You may search for an Instagram app at the Shopify app store.

All Shopify apps should work with the Shella Shopify theme. If you have any questions about the app installation process or settings, please contact the app support. If the app support has questions about theme files they may contact us via email

2/ Use static images.

You may upload the same images using the Builder section and the “Instagram block”.

Add Instagram block per each static image

3/ Use the latest theme version (added)

Check this blog post for more details about how to configure the new Instagram widget.

Check this video manual on how to update your theme to the latest version. Please note theme update procedure works best for updates within one branch. If you update from 3.1.0 to 3.6.0.

If you need to update from branch 2.x to version 3.x I recommend uploading the latest theme version and configure it from scratch.

If you have more questions about Shella theme settings, please create a new ticket at our support system

A nifty feature built into the Shella Shopify theme.

Order within X hours to get it: DATE.

Do you have this feature at your Shopify store? Amazon does.

This great feature. It is not spammy as the count down timer. It includes valuable information when the customer can actually get this product.

When you know the time left to place the order to get the product the next day, this is a powerful motivator. Which increases conversion rate at your store.

I got many customer requests for this feature and implement it to the Shella theme. Now, this feature is included in Shella theme price.

You can easily configure this block at theme settings. Set the hour for the shipping cycle. Set the average delivery time for shipping. Configure the date format, and weekends to exclude them from the average delivery time. You can also edit block text at Theme actions -> Edit language.

Save monthly and increase page load time.

Can you get this feature for another Shopify theme? Yes. You can search the Shopify app store and find a bunch of apps for this feature. For example ShipTimer by Ethercycle.

What solution is better for your store?

AppShella theme
Price19 USD / month
only this feature
about 60 USD one-time fee
for this feature + theme + bunch of other useful features
Load time1) DNS lookup for app resources
2) Load app resources, JS and CSS files
No additional actions need for the built-in feature.
Install and configure1) Install app
2) Resolve conflict with the theme code. The app should work on any theme, but if you have a highly customized theme or custom theme, you probably have to update your theme code to be compatible with the app.
3) Configure settings at app
Configure a few options at Theme settings.
FlexibilityApplies to any themeShella theme only

Get the Shipping Timer feature now!

The only requirement to use it in your store is knowing your cut-off shipping time.

Get Shella theme

I hope it will increase sale conversions rate at your store.


Detailed Features Review for the Shella Shopify theme

If you are an online merchant, then you must know what good a professional Shopify theme can do for your business. Shopify themes are loaded with a gamut of features meant to tailor your online store to your customers’ needs and preferences.

The Shella fashion theme is specifically designed for various kinds of merchants. Our featured Shopify theme for this piece is the Shella fashion theme for e-commerce stores. This super responsive theme is designed to attract the online shopper. Giving your online store a look that keeps new visitors scrolling to see more is one of the keys to creating an online business that thrives. Shoppers looking through fashion brands are heavily influenced by your store’s visual appeal. Shella’s premium Shopify theme for fashion stores comes with all the features you are used to from Theme Forest and others that make it even better. With it you can use fashion icons, banner builders, true collection filters and many more features to personalize your brand.

Header and footer for your site

If there is one thing you will never miss when using the Shella theme, it has to be options. The developers have included numerous options for headers and footers for you to choose from.

Smarter checkout buttons

Dynamic Checkout Buttons

Forget about the typical checkout button that takes you through a process before you can buy your merchandise; the checkout buttons for the Shella fashion theme are a bit different if you are buying a single product. Customers can easily proceed to checkout without having to use the cart for single purchases.

Build your own banners

Banner Builder

The banner builder gives you a chance to showcase your merchandise in whatever way you find suitable for your e-commerce site. There are six types of twelve column grids to choose from. With the Shella fashion theme, you have all you need to make the best first impression with captivating banners.

Smart features for a responsive UI

Shella has incorporated a number of handy elements that make it a pleasure to use. First off, the UI is fast and responsive with sophisticated design elements. On the merchant’s side, features such as the Section Builder and Slate make it exciting to tinker with the theme. You will also enjoy developer features such as:

  • Flexbox 
  • Bootstrap 4.0
  • Design using BEM Methodology
  • SASS technology 
  • One-click Demo support 
  • Compatibility with a myriad of apps, including Oberlo

Innovative slider

Your visitors expect an experience that stands out from the competition and Shella will give you exactly that. The innovative slider comes with the theme and allows you to create captivating slideshows showcasing your wares or just general information about your business.

Product videos

Is there too much to read, too little to view on your site? Break the monotony by adding a YouTube video showing what you have to offer. Adding a video is simple really, what with the built-in ease of use. You should be broadcasting in a few clicks.

Optimize your site for SEO

A lot has been said about SEO and how it is not effective anymore but as an online merchant, you know you can’t do without it. Shella gives you the tools to optimize for your niche so that you can attract more customers that will actually turn into conversions. The Google Rich snippet tool applied here optimizes your site. Shella theme tested by MOZ SEO tool to ensure you get it right.

Get the best RTL support

Nothing is more irksome to a client than a site that has what they are looking for but is unreadable. Get access to all the RTL writing systems widely used across the globe including Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Hebrew when you use the Shella theme.

Size guide pop-up and page

Customers shopping for clothes and shoes often want to find out their size before making the purchase. That’s easy to do when you are using the Shella theme because you can add the pop-up page that leads you to the size guide page.

Get all the customer support you need

Even with the best theme for your online shop, there’s very little you can do if you don’t have an expert to guide you. The team of developers is always on call to answer you queries and guide you through the theme.

With endless colors and over 68 pre-designed pages, it’s not hard to see why the Shella theme would be your choice. Have fun choosing from tons of homepage templates with all the characteristics you hope developers would think about.

Trial vs Developer Shopify store. Which to choose?

Create Shopify development store

When you what to start and an run online business, Shopify software is a good option. How do you start a Shopify store?

The most popular way – sign up for a trial account. You can find more info about Shopify trial accounts here – Free trial. It’s a great opportunity to test out the Shopify software, become familiar with the admin interface, learn how to add and manage products, create collections, explore the navigation, and sort through different themes and apps. The main disadvantage is that the trial period is limited to 14 days. If this is your first Shopify store you may need more time to learn the Shopify admin, test everything, improve your theme or to find the needed app. Want to extend the Shopify store trial period? The next solution will answer this question.

Another way to start a Shopify store – find a Shopify expert or Shopify partner. Ask them to create a developer store for you. As for MPIthemes, we are a Shopify partner and can create as many developer stores as you need.

What is a Shopify developer store? It’s the same store as the trial account, without the 14 day limitation. You can work on your store for three weeks, a month, or even more with no need to switch to a paid account. Switch your store to a paid Shopify plan whenever you are ready, not just because the trial time period has expired. Read more about developer stores here – Everything You Need to Know About Development Stores

With a Shopify development store, you do have to perform one more additional step, (Find a Shopify partner to start a development store for you), but you get an unlimited trial period for your Shopify store. It’s up to you on what suites you best.

Drop me a message if you need a developer store. I will create it for free and transfer ownership to you when the store is ready to go live. You can also contact me by email at

Good luck in your online business 🙂